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Check out our resourceful Application Equipment & Accessories.

Our equipment & accessories include a transportable Trinity Tank, Multipurpose & Utility Probes, a Soil-Basal Drench Kit, Flowmeters, and a diameter Tape.

Tree Care & Maintenance Professionals can benefit using our equipment for tree health, nutrient/fertilization applications, lawn care, commercial maintenance, interior landscapes, shrub spraying, and sub-soil applications.

Consider us for improvements in your Right of Way Maintenance Program.

For over a decade, our company has been helping Utilities & Municipals with their Right of Way Planning and Vegetation Management.

Some of our services include modifying ROW management programs, auditing subcontracted work on a system, contract trimming specifications, integrating tree growth regulators, system vegetation surveys, and electric line field planning.

Learn more about Shortstop Tree Growth Regulator and our other tree care products.

We provide arborists and applicators with tree growth regulators, health care products, management systems and support materials. Our principal product is ShortStop® TGR with 22.3% Paclobutrazol.

Our other soil applied products are Imidacloprid, Bio-Tree Nutrients, and ROW herbicides.
Support materials include; TGR Rate Slide Chart, Chlorosis Treatment Guide, and Woody Shrub TGR Rates.

For Homeowners

For more information on our tree and plant growth regulator products for homeowners Click Here for more information

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