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Vegetation Surveys of Primary Distribution Systems:

Our surveys collect data along the primary lines and provide information based on that data that can be used to enhance the ROW Maintenance Program by identifying total costs, prioritization of work, and delegation of clearance work needed for program efficiency.
The survey generates a report for the electric line client that is based on a large percent of total line miles. The plots are randomly selected and the data gathered is used to extrapolate the total work load for the entire system. Our report offers several methods of choice to be used for program improvement.

Subcontracting Field Managers to Implement Program Improvements:

When we place a field manager on a property, it is not just one person there but our entire company and the more than two decades of experience we bring with that field manager.

We are the utility client’s representative and our goal is to utilize every tool available for the maintenance program and to ensure all the parts of the program are working efficiently and economically. Some of the processes used by our field managers are trim & removal audits, trimming specifications, mowing & herbicide location planning, homeowner contacts, planning for new construction, etc.

Consulting & Assessing ROW Maintenance Programs:

We do not use the cookie cutter approach to our program designs. What sets us apart from the larger companies is our ability to custom fit program changes into existing plans and address the specific needs of the individual electric utility. We are able to provide flexible consulting agendas for small and large utility clients.
Our clients have a broad range of needs, abilities, and requirements and we actively work to tailor-make plans to help create an efficient ROW management program that works for them. Also we are budget-conscious; generally the savings created will more than cover our costs.

Our Field Managers concentrate on six (6) Essential Parts within our client’s electrical ROW Maintenance Programs. Maintenance programs do not produce capital input, but can become less of a monetary drain when using methods and equipment beyond the traditional tools of the past. When incorporating all these factors consistently, a client will see their 1trim cycles become more efficient and dependable, cost & time savings due to the 2reduction or elimination of hot-spotting, significant 3reduction in internal overtime costs, and later savings due to 4less trimming needs in the next cycle of line clearance.


Six (6) Essential Parts of an Effective ROW Maintenance Program:

Aggressive Removal
Effective Pruning
Specialized Equipment Use
Consistent Herbicide Plan
Targeted TGR Schedule
Communication of Expectations

Read more about four of the six essential parts in our newsletter:
Reliable Right Of Ways Vol. I, 2009"Creating a Reliable, Cost Efficient Right-Of-Way Maintenance Program"
Effective utility maintenance programs have four specific subdivisions

Our goal is to create a reliable, cost efficient Right-of-Way Maintenance program for Utilities, Electric Cooperatives, and Municipal Electrics through consultation offerings, survey data collection, and/or subcontracting our field managers. We are foremost a management-minded company, and approach all our client’s programs with the intent to reduce all costs, including those associated with us.