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ShortStop Tree Growth Regulator

We recommend ShortStop® Tree Growth Regulator, a high-quality, economical product with 22.3% paclobutrazol. ShortStop TGR is the only tree growth regulator that has been refined to be a smaller and more consistent sized molecule. It has been mixed with higher grade inert ingredients for a superior formulation. Clients have reported that they see no residue and better blending when using ShortStop. Choose ShortStop TGR for the enhanced arborist support material, the high-quality chemical combination, and the reasonable price - it is a smart alternative to Cambistat or Profile 2SC. The opportunities for arborists using ShortStop TGR are numerous – provide a solution to problems such as construction damage, chlorosis, limited root space, oak decline, and more...

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High Quality Products without the High Cost


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    We provide Bio-Tree & Shrub and Bio-Aer; two organic products that deliver essential nutrients that support overall plant health and act as a soil-conditioner/aerator.
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    We supply Imidacloprid, an insecticide, at an economical price. Imidacloprid effectively protects plants from many pests; including Emerald Ash borer, Bronze Birch borer, Leaf beetles, Aphids & Adelgids and more (see Label for full list).


  • ROW Vegetation Management Products
    We offer an economical collection of Herbicides for plant control within Right-Of-Ways in Utilities & Municipal and in association with Commercial uses. We specialize in consulting with smaller companies in the integration & use of our specialty chemicals.