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Whether it is creating efficient equipment or refining application rates for tree growth regulators, our core purpose is to facilitate professionals and managers in controlling or improving trees & shrubs.
For over a decade, our success has been based on the success of our clients. Our services begin with identifying needs and providing information, products, and/or equipment that meets those needs in a practical, cost-effective way.

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Trinity Tank
Easily transportable tank that won't take up the truck bed or need a trailer.

Multipurpose Probe
Lightweight and durable probe for a full assortment of applications

Soil Drench Equipment
Various inexpensive tools that can be used to apply many products sub-soil.

Accurate digital readouts for total volume and volume per minutes.

Diameter Tape
Easy to read tape for Diameter Breast Height and linear measurements.

Icon Specialty Chemicals

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ShortStop Tree Growth Regulator
ShortStop® Tree Growth Regulator is a high-quality economical product with 22.3% paclobutrazol. Choosing ShortStop TGR is a smart alternative to Cambistat or Profile 2SC because of the enhanced arborist support material, the high-quality chemical formulation, and its reasonable price.

Bio-Tree & Shrub and Bio-Aer
Bio-Tree & Shrub and Bio-Aer are two organic products that deliver essential nutrients and act as a soil-conditioner/aerator.

Imidacloprid is an insecticide that effectively protects plants from many pests and is sold at an economical price.

ROW Vegetation Management Products
ROW Vegetation Management Products are herbicides for plant within Right-Of-Ways in Utilities & Municipal and other Commercial uses.