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Soil Drench Equipment

Various inexpensive tools that can be used to apply many products sub-soil.

The Benefits of The Soil Drench Equipment

  • The Soil Drench Kit is a simple, inexpensive set of implements that make sub-soil applications easy and affordable.
  • Each piece of the kit is durable, light-weight, weatherproof, and easy to replace.
  • The Soil Drench Kit has everything necessary to apply products sub-soil including; a chemical-resistant fiberglass tray for spill proof applications and a nylon mesh bag to carry everything in.

The Features of The Soil Drench Equipment

  • Measuring funnel with handle and pouring tube with an on/off spout
  • Heavy-duty digging hoe with short handle and two types of edges
  • Graduated cylinder with handle for accurate measuring and secure pouring
  • Chemical resistant fiberglass tray for safe pouring and easy cleaning
  • 5-Liter space saving graduated container with carrying handle
  • Perforated absorbent pads for heavy-duty cleanups
  • Durable, polyester mesh bag with draw string and cord lock for carrying

Typical Applications of The Soil Drench Equipment

  • Tree Care Applications
  • Fertilizer/Mycorrhizal Applications
  • Sub-Soil Applications
  • Pesticide, Herbicide

Soil Drench Equipment Specifications

Measuring Funnel measures & pours with on/off spout, handle, pouring tube with cap, reads oz, mls, & pints made of high density plastic
Digging Hoe 12” handle, 3” wide blade, weight 1.03 lbs. stainless steel 12 gauge metal construction, 4” grip
Graduated Cylinder reads up to 1000 mLs, one-piece polypropylene construction, accurate and easy to read, hexagonal base
Tray fiberglass, chemical resistant, smooth, nonporous surface 18-7/8” x 11-7/8” x 1-3/4”
5-Liter Container graduated to measure in liters, high density polypropylene construction, lightweight, space saver shape with cap 9-3/4” x 2-5/8” x 14-5/8”
Absorbent Pads (2) ultra absorbent, bonded for strength, perforated polypropylene 15’ x 19”
Mesh Bag durable polyester, nylon drawstring, cord lock 23” x 30”