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Diameter Tape

Easy to read tape for Diameter Breast Height and linear measurements.

The Benefits of The Diameter Tape

  • The Diameter Tape allows the arborist to measure both diameter and linear.
  • The reinforced inner construction and PVC covered steel case allows for tough, outdoor use.
  • The tough claw hook secures the tape and makes measuring trees easier.

The Features of The Diameter Tape

  • The Fabric Diameter Tape is made with reinforced inner construction and PVC covered steel case for long-lasting, outdoor use.
  • The 5/8” wide tape has linear measurement on one side and diameter measurement on the other side. Measurements can be calibrated in either English or Metric.
  • The synthetic fabric tape is tipped with a metal claw hook, and allows the arborist to secure the end of the tape to various surfaces (including bark) while measuring.
  • The crank rewind is uncomplicated and has a folding handle for consistent, reliable usage. 

Typical Applications of The Diameter Tape

  • Tree Care Applications
  • Commercial Installations
  • Construction Programs
  • Tree Inventories

Diameter Tape Specifications

Tape Graduations Diameter inches/centimeters (10ths)Linear feet/meters (10ths, 100ths) Maximum76"D/20'L160 cm/5mL
Tape Synthetic fabric finish ending in a metal claw secured to tape 5/8" wide
Carrying Case PVC covered steel 3.875" x 1.125"
Handle/Rewind Metal crank rewind & folding handle