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Multipurpose Probe

Lightweight and durable Probe for a full assortment of applications.

The Benefits of The Multipurpose Probe

  • The Multipurpose Probe versatile, reliable, and lightweight
  • The Multipurpose Probe is many tools in one neat package. Application tools for soil injections, turf spray, foliar applications, basal soil probe, and long range stream applications
  • All the Probe components have rust-proof quick connects that make changing attachments quick and easy
  • Measuring total volume and volume per minute is very accurate using the improved flowmeter
  • The Multipurpose Probe is kept in a hard plastic case for safe storage

The Features of The Multipurpose Probe

  • The lightweight multipurpose probe’s shaft and tips are rust-proof and durable because they are made of strong stainless steel. The superior height of the probe shaft makes it more comfortable to use and it is surrounded by an aluminum reinforcement tube
  • The Multipurpose Probe makes doing an assortment of applications cost-effective and easy. Application attachments and JD-9 Gun have quick release couplers (connectors) with brass push sleeve and ball check prevent leakage
  • The quick connects allow the attachments to be swiftly changed for many types of applications; soil injection, foliar mist, turf spray, and a short tip probe for special, hard-to-reach locations
  • The sturdy probe tip is combined with a parker valve to prevent backflow during application. The probe tip produces a circular spray zone from 4 to 8 inches in diameter from four evenly spaced holes on the tip at a soil depth of six (6) inches
  • The step plate is made of tough aluminum and its thickness (3/8”) makes it very durable
  • The probe is equipped with a specially modified JD-9 sprayer gun for reliable, consistent flow control (max 1000 psi). The gun can be detached and used separately from the upright probe shaft
  • The electronic digital flowmeter is fastened to the probe’s upright shaft and can be used with the other attachments. It is used for precise measurement of total volume and volume per minute (gallon/liter)
  • The flowmeter’s measurements are very accurate and the maximum sustained pressure is 500 psi The flowmeter comes with a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • The ergonomically designed handle is foam cushioned and adjustable (right or left)
  • Hard plastic, water resistant carrying case with an inner foam cushioning makes storage safe and convenient

Typical Applications of The Multipurpose Probe

  • Tree Care Applications
  • Ornamental Tree & Shrub spraying
  • Lawn & Turf Care
  • Sub-Soil Applications
  • Fertilizer Applications
  • Pesticide, Herbicide, Fungicide Applications

Multipurpose Probe Specifications

The Multipurpose Probe is designed for resourceful arborists with a wide range of services to provide to their clients.

Upright Probe Internal Shaft – stainless steel round tubing. External Reinforcement Shaft – aluminum square tubing 28"
Step Plate 3/8” thick Aluminum plate 8"x 2"
Parker Valves Brass, Free flow in one direction 8.5 oz.
Quick Connects Brass push sleeves, ball check prevents leaks & ease of use 5.5 oz.
Flowmeter Gallons/Liters, Precise accuracy, reads Total Volume & volume/min., two 3-volt batteries 1.2 lbs.
Modified JD-9 Gun Specially machined to accommodate quick connects, trigger control 2.25 lbs.
Reinforced Hose (2) lengths (20” & 96”) with quick connects at open-ends 3/8"
Carrying Case Hard plastic, Inner foam padding, Water resistant, 4-latch closure 50.5" x 14.5"
Handle Aluminum rod construction, Durable foam cushioning, Adjustable 8"