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Icon Tree Growth Regulator Rate Slide Chart

The TGR Rate Slide Chart is a great tool for the arborist or applicator in the field, during estimating & applications of Tree Growth Regulators. This TGR Rate Slide Chart is the most up-to-date, comprehensive rate chart available with twelve (12) tree categories for accurate applications and volumes given in milliliters, Liters, ounces, and gallons. The slide chart includes application instructions and special notes for problem-solving.

The TGR Rate Slide Chart is FREE with your first order of ShortStop TGR!
The chart can also be ordered individually by calling our office or be requested via mail.

1) How To Use Instructions –clear & simple
2) Diameter-Breast Height (dbh) window
3) 12 Categories of Arborist Tree Rates and Utility Rates for Trees are clearly denoted
4) Application volumes given in Gallons, Ounces, Liters and Milliliters
5) Mixing instructions for Ready-to-Use Solution

Sizingchart Side A Lr

6) Rates for Hard-To-Control Trees (i.e.: Ash, Blue Spruce, Cottonwood, Hemlock, Sycamore, & Willow)
7) Different Types of Application Section: Total RTU volume, Soil Injection, and Basal Drench (conc & water volumes)
8) Specialized Soil Injection Instructions
9) Slide Chart Key that includes details on Crown Size (large & small)
10) Sections on Special Instructions and Additional Application Notes

Sizingchart Side B Lr