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Information for Homeowners

Information About ShortStop® Tree Growth Regulator

ShortStop Tree Growth Regulator can help increase the beauty and value of your trees and woody shrubs.
After an application of ShortStop, trees and woody shrubs appear healthier and the plants show increased vigor, improved nutrient absorption, appear greener, and have better pest resistance. ShortStop applications boost the growth of fine root hairs in trees and woody shrubs and facilitate trees and woody shrubs during drought stress, construction damage, poor soil conditions, and limited root space. It has been shown to reverse the decline in mature Oak trees and rejuvenate yellowing (chlorotic) Birch and Pin Oaks.

Examples of Places where your trees and woody shrubs would 
benefit from a ShortStop Treatment:

  • Crowded landscape areas
  • New construction zones
  • Near patios, fences, & pools
  • Limited space plantings
  • Hard to maintain areas
  • Near sidewalks or electric lines
  • Shaped or Pruned plantings
  • Rooftop gardens

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q How is Paclobutrazol pronounced?
A The active ingredient is Paclobutrazol (pack-low-bu-tra-zole)

Q How long have Tree Growth Regulators been available in the US?
A Tree Growth Regulators have been around since the late 1940’s and used effectively since the 1980’s.

Q Can the Tree Growth Regulator travel away from a treated tree or woody shrub?
A The Growth Regulator won’t move (leach) through the soil from the treatment area.

Q What does the Tree Growth Regulator do to the plant?
A Paclobutrazol prevents the plant from producing the growth hormone, gibberellin and causes the growing tip of stems to grow less each year.

Q Does the Tree Growth Regulator change the plant’s genetics?
A The growth control is natural and doesn’t change the tree’s genetic make-up.

Q Can fertilizers be used if a tree has been treated?
A Fertilizers can still be used along with ShortStop Tree Growth Regulator.

Q Can the tree or woody shrub be trimmed or pruned after a Tree Growth Regulator application?
A Do not prune or trim after 25 days of application to the tree or shrub.

Q Is the Tree Growth Regulator poisonous?
A The Tree Growth Regulator is less toxic than aspirin and only effects green plants (trees & woody shrubs).

Q Can perennials and flowers be planted near treated plants?
A Flowers and perennials may be planted near treated trees or shrubs, but leave a space of approx. 12-18 inches between the trunk of the tree or woody shrub and the decorative plants.

Q Does the Tree Growth Regulator affect fruit or nuts?
A Although the amount of product in the fruit, nuts or sap is negligible, do not harvest fruit, nuts, or sap from trees within the first year of application.

Q How long is the tree or woody shrub controlled by the Tree Growth Regulator?
A The growth control lasts for approximately three (3) growing seasons for trees and two (2) growing seasons for woody shrubs.