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Trees and shrubs benefit from healthy soils. The characteristics of healthy soils include loose soil that allows for oxygen to reach roots, ample organic material, such as humates, and a plethora of microorganisms such as mycorrhizae and good bacteria.

The beauty above comes from the science below, because the health of trees & shrubs is closely tied to the condition of the roots and the soil around them. Using ShortStop® TGR greatly enhances root hair growth and using Bio-Tree & Shrub improves the condition of the soil. They work together to help trees grow healthy, especially in stressful environments such as urban settings.

Bio-Tree & Shrub and Bio-Aer are humate-based products that provide plant nutrients and soil conditioners to trees and shrubs.  Humates are the result of the complete decomposition of plant material, greatly concentrated and compressed over centuries. Since Humates are derived from plants, they provide a rich storehouse of energy containing everything the plant - and soil - needs to be healthy.  Both provide easily-assimilated, high energy “food” for plants and concentrated organic conditioners for soils.

Fertilizer - Root Developer - Soil Conditioner - Mycorrhizae Stimulant
Bio-Tree & Shrub is a comprehensive humate-based product that provides plant nutrients for the tree and the microorganisms within the soil around the tree while conditioning the soil. Bio-Tree & Shrub is not like other fertilizers; it is pH neutral, low salt index, non-chloride and contains minerals which act as chelating agents. Bio-Tree & Shrub provides sustained, long-term benefits at an economical price. It is sold in 5+ gallon containers (liquid) and easily mixes with water. 
The ratio of concentrate to water depends on the purpose of the application: a general maintenance program requires a ratio of 1:36, a critical care program requires a ratio of 1:11, and a nutritional program requires a ratio of 1:19.

Soil Conditioner - Soil Enhancer - Root Developer
Bio-Aer was developed to relieve severe soil compaction and to recharge clay and sandy soils. It is liquid aeration and consists of soil conditioners and humates. Bio-Aer opens pores in the soil to permit air and water to penetrate more deeply, resulting in compaction reduction, added moisture capacity and enhanced root growth.
Bio-Aer is sold in 5+ gallon containers (liquid) and easily mixes with water. When used with Bio-Tree & Shrub; the ratio of concentrate to water is 1-2 quarts per 100 gallons. When used alone or with other fertilizers, the ratio of concentrate to water is 1-2 gallons per 100 gallons (more concentrated).